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Right Way

Marcin Litwin

Länge: 05:32

Hochgeladen am: 28.07.2018 12:04 | Please select region, state or province

  • Song
  • Songwriting: 5.0
  • Arrangement: 6.0
  • Performance: 7.0
  • Sound
  • Frequenzbild: 7.0
  • Räumlichkeit: 8.0
  • Dynamik: 6.0
  • Lautstärkeverhältnisse: 7.0

Bewertung HOFA
  • Song
  • Songwriting: 3
  • Arrangement: 4
  • Performance: 4
  • Sound
  • Frequenzbild: 4
  • Räumlichkeit: 6
  • Dynamik: 5
  • Lautstärkeverhältnisse: 5
Analyse HOFA

Songwriting & Arrangement:

You submitted an instrumental electronic song that makes use of many electronic music standards.

Unfortunately we noticed that your song has a very flat suspense curve. It makes sense to separate the different passages of the song, in order to give the listener a feeling of suspense. Therefore the song has a more captivating effect. Music lives primarily from contrasts, otherwise you can't develop a certain vibe. You should definitely try to make the melodic lines a little more interesting and support the dramaturgical curve to guide your listener through the song. ;)

Recording / Performance:

Since the sounds used were all created "in the box", we can't say much about the recording and the musical performance. However, the tracks are all neatly programmed. The sounds used work well in context, but could be better. Unfortunately it is quite obvious that you mainly worked with standard sound preset. Especially in electronic music styles it is quite important to create your own suiting sounds for your composition. Actually you can develop your own signature sound from these and make your music much more interesting and individual. ;)


We noticed that the leveling in your mix does not always make sense in terms of musical hierarchy. Some elements are a bit too loud and stand out too much while others get lost in the mix. As suitable levels and proportions are the most important basis for every mix it makes sense to invest a little more time into a correct rough mix to reach suitable hierarchic orders for all the signals.

The frequency response of your mix is somewhat unnatural or the frequencies are in an unnatural relation to each other. We also noticed a bit of masking of the different elements in your mix. Try to give every signal an appropriate position in the frequency spectrum to reach a more transparent sound.

The overall sound of your mix is a bit too "boomy", i.e. the low frequency ranges are too pronounced. This problem can be solved with an EQ on the corresponding tracks.

We also noticed a somewhat sharp overall sound. You can use an analyzer to help. This can quickly identify problems and can be very helpful for frequency balancing. ;)

The following screenshot shows a picture of a spectral analyser where you see the frequency curves of your mix. The lower curve describes the average energy level, whereas the upper curve shows the corresponding peak hold per band:


Ø 4.8


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  • Songwriting: (( comment.songwriting ))
  • Arrangement: (( comment.arrangement ))
  • Performance: (( comment.performance ))
  • Sound
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