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Länge: 03:28

Hochgeladen am: 28.07.2018 09:16 | Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

When I made this song, I was in New York. And my friend Anna playing piano for me, the sound(intro of this song) pretty good I think. So I decided make some music at the moments. I recorded Anna's piano and New York subway noise, also recorded my voices.

So the process of making this song was fun. Already you know that, This song contains my memories.

  • Song
  • Songwriting: 4.5
  • Arrangement: 6.5
  • Performance: 4.0
  • Sound
  • Frequenzbild: 4.0
  • Räumlichkeit: 5.5
  • Dynamik: 5.0
  • Lautstärkeverhältnisse: 5.5

Bewertung HOFA
  • Song
  • Songwriting: 3
  • Arrangement: 3
  • Performance: 6
  • Sound
  • Frequenzbild: 4
  • Räumlichkeit: 5
  • Dynamik: 5
  • Lautstärkeverhältnisse: 5
Analyse HOFA

Songwriting & Arrangement:

You submitted an interesting instrumental song with a typical electronic lounge feel and piano samples.

The melodic lines of your song are very monotonous, you basically just repeated one short piano riff. Therefore your song has a very flat suspense curve. It makes sense to separate the different passages of the song, in order to give the listener a feeling of suspense. Therefore the song has a more captivating effect. The melodic line is of course very important to get a feeling of movement and guidance of your audience. ;)

In your song the intro has unfortunately become too long. In longer song passages, in which the tension curve is not continued, the listener quickly loses attention or begins to get bored. Avoid this by making the parts in the songs as short as possible but as long as necessary and maintaining the tension in the song.

Recording / Performance:

Since most of the sounds used were created "in the box", we can't say much about the recording and the musical performance. However, the tracks are all neatly programmed and the piano is played quite nicely. :)


We noticed an overall quite sharp sound. The mix has too much emphasis on high frequency components. Try to make the high end of your song a little more pleasant and homogeneous with appropriate EQ-ing on the corresponding tracks. ;)

Your mix is a little too wide. Make sure that you do not set the distributions in the stereo panorama too wide and use stereo effects only moderately. Try to check your mix in mono occasionally. If signals should then be very quiet or even disappear, there are problems with the mono compatibility. A goniometer or a correlation meter will also show you this problem very well.

We noticed a very heavy and obvious ghost sidechaining effect on the piano. This is a bit too much and seems a bit annoying at least in the intro part. You could either switch off the effect in the intro or make it a little less obvious. ;)

The following screenshot shows a picture of a spectral analyser where you see the frequency curves of your mix. The lower curve describes the average energy level, whereas the upper curve shows the corresponding peak hold per band:


Ø 4.2


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  • Arrangement: (( comment.arrangement ))
  • Performance: (( comment.performance ))
  • Sound
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