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Nina Winter

Länge: 03:37

Hochgeladen am: 28.06.2018 00:32 | Russia

  • Song
  • Songwriting: 8.8
  • Arrangement: 8.6
  • Performance: 8.5
  • Sound
  • Frequenzbild: 8.7
  • Räumlichkeit: 8.6
  • Dynamik: 8.7
  • Lautstärkeverhältnisse: 8.6

Bewertung HOFA
  • Song
  • Songwriting: 8
  • Arrangement: 7
  • Performance: 8
  • Sound
  • Frequenzbild: 8
  • Räumlichkeit: 6
  • Dynamik: 5
  • Lautstärkeverhältnisse: 5
Analyse HOFA

Songwriting & Arrangement:

This song is a good example for a pop tune that could be entitled as Synthie Pop. We really like the overall structure and the vocal arrangement as a whole. The sound selection you chose is suitable for this song. The instruments complement each other well and the combination of tracks fits well into the genre.

Recording / Performance:

Since most of the sounds used were created "in the box", we can't say much about the recording and the musical performance. However, the tracks are all neatly programmed. The performance of the vocals was great! The expressive performance transports the mood of the song ideally, the notes are in tune and the timing ist correct.


You have achieved a nice depth in your mix. The overall mix benefits from the spatial impression created by your depth graduation. The sound of the vocal in your mix is quite indirect. The vocals could be a little closer to the listener, because they are the most important element. Try to get the vocals closer to the listener by boosting the treble and use a longer pre-delay time for the reverb. The limiting of your song is a bit too strong. In order to maintain the natural dynamics of the song and still achieve a suitable loudness, you should not use too much limiting, because otherwise you'll lose the musical dynamics.

The following screenshot shows a picture of a spectral analyser where you see the frequency curves of your mix. The lower curve describes the average energy level, whereas the upper curve shows the corresponding peak hold per band:


Ø 6.9


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  • Songwriting: (( comment.songwriting ))
  • Arrangement: (( comment.arrangement ))
  • Performance: (( comment.performance ))
  • Sound
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