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Lo Sigo Haciendo Mal


Länge: 04:21

Hochgeladen am: 01.06.2018 16:26 | Chile

The first single of my solo project. A song about a break up and how a person want the other one back in his life, but he knows it's impossible because he keeps making the same mistakes.

  • Song
  • Songwriting: 7.0
  • Arrangement: 8.0
  • Performance: 8.0
  • Sound
  • Frequenzbild: 5.0
  • Räumlichkeit: 6.0
  • Dynamik: 7.0
  • Lautstärkeverhältnisse: 6.0

Bewertung HOFA
  • Song
  • Songwriting: 7
  • Arrangement: 5
  • Performance: 5
  • Sound
  • Frequenzbild: 3
  • Räumlichkeit: 4
  • Dynamik: 2
  • Lautstärkeverhältnisse: 3
Analyse HOFA

Songwriting & Arrangement:

This song has a unique style and shows different influences, such as Pop Rock, Punk Rock and Spanish music. The overall song structure is good and works for the song.

Recording / Performance:

The guitar performance is pretty good. However, the vocals lack a bit of quality due to the performance of the singer. Therefore, we recommend to put an emphasis on the recording to get a better performance on tape. This will make the editing and mixing process a lot easier. The singer's phonetics is unfortunately not quite optimal for your song. It is very important to ensure correct pronunciation when recording. A dictionary with phonetic transcription can also be helpful. Remember that a moderate pronunciation affects the overall sound of the song and significantly affects the quality of the piece, as the voice comes first.


The drums are a bit loud in the context of the song. In comparison to the other parts and elements they appear to be a little bit too dominant. Therefore, we suggest to keep an eye on the overall leveling, so all parts match together. In addition, your mix is a bit thin and powerless, as the bass range is a bit too weak. This means that your mix lacks a solid foundation. Especially the higher bass range (approx. 150 - 400 Hz) is decisive to give your mix a healthy portion of "warmth". Further, the frequency response of your mix is somewhat unnatural or the frequencies are in an unnatural relationship to each other. This may be due to unmusical volumes of individual tracks, as well as corresponding eqings. It is also noticeable that the dynamics of the vocals are not under control. Dynamic control ensures that the signal remains present in the mix. Otherwise it would stand out from the mix in loud passages and become too quiet in quiet passages. This results in a somewhat restless overall impression.

The following screenshot shows a picture of a spectral analyser where you see the frequency curves of your mix. The lower curve describes the average energy level, whereas the upper curve shows the corresponding peak hold per band:


Ø 4.9


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