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Mix von bratis1

Länge: 02:40

Hochgeladen am: 19.01.2019 17:27 | Hampshire

Hello Everyone ! Here is my mix for Maryam! I have used Cubase 10 for mixing this song, I had a lot of fun, it took me around 8 Hours to get it done. I mixed this song at my university on a pair of Dynaudio and at home with a pair of Beyerdynamic dt990 pro.

I want to congratulate everyone that got involved in writing and recording this tune.

I wanted to keep the dynamic of the song but at the same time control it. I was aiming for a clean, warm, modern sound. I love the brass section but I didn't want to overwhelm the song, so I kept it as a supporting element.

I am 22 years old, last year of my university. I study Popular Music Production and I really love what I'm doing. I am also a performer and write pop music for myself.

I hope you enjoyed the mix !


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