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Mix von ArpAn

Länge: 02:32

Hochgeladen am: 17.01.2019 12:24 | Luxembourg

Hello all together ! First of all a Happy New Year to all of you I wish you to be healthy 'cause for all the rest we do what we can :-)

So my approach for this particular song was to gradually build it up by progressively adding and paning instruments keeping it kind of "intimistic" at the beginning, although there's a whole bigband playing from the beginning, and it would certainly be a commercial point to also bring the bigband right from the beginning because it would sound fatter but i don't know if that's what the song needs. For me as a listener I was already more then satisfied just by listening to the voice and some comping guitar and doublebass.

Being a Singer/Songwriter I tend to focus more (maybe too much) on the voice not only as a melodic element of a mix but essentially on the core message behind the lyrics and most of all the emotion. So vocal clarity in terms of articulation is a fundamental part in my opinion when mixing any song containing vocals.

This being said I tried to mix the song the way I would have liked to hear it if I was the singer of this project.

Any Feedback both negative and positive would be very helpful for me !




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