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Mix von Alfik

Länge: 05:09

Hochgeladen am: 05.01.2019 00:50 | Poland

Hello Hofa, Hello Mixers!

I usually do not have time to participate in mixing competition, but this year the song is very good and well arranged, so I cannot deny myself such a pleasure.

I do not treat this contest as a competition, but as an event in which we all can learn from each other, so I decided to put two mixes:

First one is mastered to around -12LUFS (-11.7) which in opinion of many is ideal for today streaming platforms. The volume of this master usually will not be lowered by streaming services especially if You set the peaks to -1dBTP (with 32bit master lowering the volume by 1dB is completely transparent). Nowadays in 2019 there is no point for mastering engineer to master for higher levels, because the loudness war has almost ended and if Your work will be published in streaming services and it will be too loud, it will be turned down anyway. Compared to many uploaded mixes this one seems to be low in volume, so please use Your Volume knob before You judge sound quality. ONLY THIS MIX IS FOR COMPETITION

The second one is for comparison only. This is the same mix but mastered to -7.8LUFS – typical level of commercial CD of that genre in loudness war time. At first listening You may said, that this one sound louder, fuller, with more punch, etc… but put both in Your DAW lover the volume of second mix by 3.9dB and then compare them…

I mixed using Pro Tools as player only. It is almost 100% OTB using a lot of hi end analog equipment.: Millennia Media Mastering EQ and Compressors, 8 cannels of Neve 8803 EQ 4 cannels of SSL EQ 4, cannels of Carlec EQ, Distressors, Fatso, La2a, 2La2, Alan Smart and Sos Compressors, EMT240 analog Plate Reverb etc. UAD Ocean Way Room Emulation and a little bit of Ozone Limiter on second mix were only plugin used.

Mix was monitored on Genelec 1032, 1031, ProAc 100, NS 10, 3 sets of typical commercial audio systems and 2 cars so… If You do not like this mix or there are mistakes I can only blame myself and I have no excuse

During mix all close mikes were precisely phase aligned to overheads and room mikes to avoid excessive comb filtering.

Two words about room mikes… Some suggested that those mikes should be present to add depth to recording. Usually if well placed this is true, but we have to remember that this is not a real big band recording. This is 5 musicians who emulate big band horn section with 4 pass of recording and this will never sound as real big band therefore room mikes with limited panorama of usually only 4 musicians standing in the same place do not add depth to recording but reduces is… 16 musicians have much wider panorama than 4 etc. Also close mikes were not phase aligned to room mikes (this is typical modern technique for recording orchestras groups of musicians and drums with multi-mic technique) I phase aligned them myself because I do not like “depth in recordings” created with comb filtering because it usually destroys natural timbre of instruments.

I hope You enjoy this mix. If You have any question feel free to ask.


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