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Hold On

Ane Nue

Länge: 05:08

Hochgeladen am: 31.07.2018 15:47 | Deutschland

dieser Song beschreibt meine Erfahrungen auf Kauai 2014

  • Song
  • Songwriting: 6.3
  • Arrangement: 7.0
  • Performance: 6.3
  • Sound
  • Frequenzbild: 5.7
  • Räumlichkeit: 4.0
  • Dynamik: 4.0
  • Lautstärkeverhältnisse: 7.3

Bewertung HOFA
  • Song
  • Songwriting: 5
  • Arrangement: 5
  • Performance: 7
  • Sound
  • Frequenzbild: 4
  • Räumlichkeit: 5
  • Dynamik: 5
  • Lautstärkeverhältnisse: 5
Analyse HOFA

Songwriting & Arrangement:

This song shows a nice mixture of Pop and Rock and is dominated by the good instrumental performance. Unfortunately, the vocals don't really match to the playback. However, we really like the groovy bassline. The sound selection you chose is suitable for this song. The instruments complement each other well and the combination of tracks fits well into the genre. We noticed that your song has a very flat suspense curve. It makes sense to separate the different passages of the song, in order to give the listener a feeling of suspense. Therefore the song has a more captivating effect.

Recording / Performance:

All instruments are "tight" and played to the beat. This is an important aspect that significantly influences the quality of the song. The intonation of the vocals is unfortunately not quite optimal. Here it makes sense to use pitch correction at problematic sections so that the tones are in tune. However, make sure that the naturalness of the vocals is preserved - unless you want to achieve exactly this artificial effect.


The sibilants (S-sounds) of your vocals are a bit too pronounced. As a result, they appear somewhat "sharp". You can use a de-esser or a dynamic EQ to get this problem under control. We noticed that the leveling in your mix does not always match the musical hierarchy. Some elements are a bit too loud and stand out too much while others get lost in the mix. As suitable levels and proportions are the most important basis for every mix it makes sense to invest a little more time into a correct roughmix to reach suitable hierarchic orders for all the signals. The frequency balance could sound a little more natural in some places. When using an equalizer, try to listen closely to the instruments - each signal has a characteristically relevant frequency range. Try to identify these areas and maintain and develop them as you work.

The following screenshot shows a picture of a spectral analyser where you see the frequency curves of your mix. The lower curve describes the average energy level, whereas the upper curve shows the corresponding peak hold per band:


Ø 5.0


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  • Arrangement: (( comment.arrangement ))
  • Performance: (( comment.performance ))
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